Heat carrier oil plants

Thermo technical plants according to individual design regarding customer- respective process requirements, in horizontal as well as in vertical design according to the present valid standard DIN 4754 for process heating with liquid as well as vaporous, organic mediums up to 405⁰C in the power range of 50 kW to 25,000 kW (smaller and larger power range upon request).

For the flow guard Ascentec constructs a differential pressure measurement in each tube strand which ensures a maximum of safety.

Ascentec heater are fueled with gaseous combustion, such as natural gas, propane, butane, hydrogen or remnants, or liquid combustion, such as light heating oil (diesel), Schwechat, Mazut, heavy heating oil (HFO) to negylengyel. Also additional fluid and gaseous waste combustions with special burners can be burned.

We plan and construct:

Since the end of 2008 the engineering company Ascentec GmbH exists, founded by the two experienced engineers Holger Dudda and Thomas Bures. The head quarter is in Wiesloch, a town with longstanding boiler construction tradition. Ascentec may not be on the market for long, however our employees dispose of decades of experience which they gained in the predecessor company “Apparatebau Wiesloch” and the AKB GmbH which dealt both successfully on the market for thermo technical plants for many years.

Our thermo technical plants of design Wiesloch enjoy an excellent reputation globally. Following this tradition new knowledge from research and development is constantly integrated into our products. Hereby of course the view towards the more and more important aspect of energy efficiency must not be missed. Heat transfer plants by Ascentec are in use on land and offshore plants and supply the required process heat for dryer, printing machines or presses for plastic.

Planning and construction of heat carrier oil plants

The main focus on attention of Ascentec is on the planning and the construction of heat carrier oil plants. Favourable operation costs during a low-maintenance operation are characteristics of the “Wiesloch” design, which are applied globally and are highly valued by operators. Both directly fueled heat carrier oil plants of the “Wiesloch” design and electrically heated versions are part of our service range. Hereby mineral and synthetic heat transfer plants for temperatures up to 405⁰C are applied likewise.

Heat carrier oil plants can be applied in the most different areas. In the food industry, industrial baking ovens, deep-frying lines and diverse industrial kitchen tools are operated by it. In the mechanical engineering heat carrier oil plants are applied for the operation of lacquer spraying- and drying plants for instance, whereby in the plastics industry they are applied at presses for plastics and the manufacturing of PET bottles. The core of each heat carrier oil plant is thereby the heat carrier oil heater from which the heat carrier oil (thermo oil of mineral or synthetic base) is supplied to the heat consumer via a pump

Development and planning of heat carrier steam plants

Ascentec bietet neben wärmetechnischen Anlagen aller Art auch Wärmeträgeröldampfanlagen an. Dazu gehören zum Beispiel Schnelldampferzeuger der Bauart Ascentec und indirekte Dampferzeuger. Hierbei werden durch Wärmeträgeröl Dampfsysteme beheizt, die dann in verschiedensten Bereichen der Produktion zum Einsatz kommen können, bei denen Dampfbedarf besteht.

Next to thermo technical plants of all kinds Ascentec offers heat carrier oil steam plants, as well. This includes i.e. high-speed steam generators of Ascentec design and indirect steam generators. Hereby steam generators are heated by heat carrier oil, which can then come to use in the most different areas of the production for which steam is required.

Next to the construction of plants Ascentec offers a wide range of services and complementary products. We too, have addressed ourselves to the important topics of energy saving and are pleased to consult you in the design of plants for energy saving measures. If you possess old plants we are the correct counterpart, too. We renew your plants that they are at the latest standard of technology again. Besides to construction we offer assembly work, maintenance and spare parts service, to guarantee you an interruption free use of your Ascentec plant.

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