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Nowadays indirect heating plants for industrial heating processes are increasingly applied because they provide significant benefits regarding the danger of overheating, control precision, environmental protection regulations and others, in important properties of modern plants.

Next to water and steam, which present an almost ideal medium within certain temperature limits, a wide range of other heat transfer plants is in use, i.e. heat carrier oil (so-called “thermal oils” or “thermo oils”).

Because some of those heat carrier oils can still be pumped even below freezing point they can be used for outdoor plants and for cooling purposes. Besides, plants are feasible which are able to heat as well as to cool with the same heat carrier oil. In the upper temperature area heat carrier oil plants make temperatures up to approx. 405⁰C possible with low pressure.

Ascentec heat carrier oil plants are supplied according to the standard DIN 4754 valid at present (edition 1994). The directive VDI 3033 provides specifications for maintenance and the operation of heat carrier oil plants. The design of the devices is being made according to the compression equipment guideline DRGL 97/23 EG, the AD 2000 “Merkblaetter” 2006/42 and the machine guideline 2006/42.

Ascentec GmbH deals basically with the planning, designing and the plant of thermo technical plants of all kind.

Thereby our area of responsibility is not limited to the classical business of heat carrier oil plants, but includes heat carrier oil steam plants, water steam plants and hot water applications, as well. Lately we offer increasingly engineering services for energy heating coupling plants, gas turbine applications, solid heating (bio mass, coal) and the construction of special plants.

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